Monday 27 June 2016

Publishing Advice #5: Exchange Rates Fluctuations

Running any international business, including most Kickstarter projects, involves a high risk of exchange rate fluctuations. For many Kickstarter creators changes in conversion rates can pose serious problems of delivering the rewards to backers. Even a small change can mean winning or loosing a significant amount of money. Most likely, when producing a board game, there will be few stages of the process which can be affected by currency exchange fluctuations - the risk is increased.

Monday 20 June 2016

Gaming with Kids #1: Children's Misbehaviour While Playing Board Games

Often, when I'm playing board games with my family, my children begin to behave inappropriately. They get angry, upset and often start to cry and this can be the start of a tantrum. The pleasant atmosphere is gone, and I'm starting to think of sending my kids to bed early. That's a scenario which everyone would like to avoid.

Saturday 4 June 2016

Publishing Advice #4: How to Promote Your Project on BoardGameGeek

Do you like strangers walking from door to door, visiting your house and trying to sell you a shampoo and other stuff? Imagine now having ten visits every day and how would you feel about it?

It's the same with BGG. Just try to think how those people feel? Remember - BoardGameGeek is a community, not a market! It's not there to sell your game and make you famous. No one is gonna glorify you just because you created and published a board game. It doesn't works that way.