Raku Support Team

The goal of Raku Support Team is to become a friendly and supportive platform for designers, publishers and board game enthusiast willing to participate in board game design, playtesting and supporting tabletop projects in various ways.

If you find board game design interesting and if you would like to be involved and supportive join us today! Together we can make a difference!

For folks interested in supporting game projects
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For designers and publishers
If you are a designer or publisher and would like to join RST, you are welcome to do so. Fill out the form for Designers and Publishers.

What RST (Raku Support Team) members can do:

Playtest: RST members interested in blind playtesting games will have access to P&P prototype. In a closed group, we will discuss different aspects of the game.

Proofread: proofread rulebooks and descriptions of games.

Translate: translate games.

Moderate forums: look after Facebook groups, BoardGameGeek and other forums to help people connect to RST.

Visit conventions: If you are attending board game, fantasy or comic conventions and events you can be part of our team in various ways. You can lead contests, tournaments or stay at our stand, or you can just wear RST t-shirt and hang around to help other people to know us better, build awareness, answer questions and make them feel welcomed.


1. Because of the nature of RST, all member must keep all information confident. We'll remove anyone who's breaking this rule.

2. RST members should stay up to date with what's going on and be familiar with the rules.

3. Respect others.

Kind of compensation we can offer:

 for ACTIVE RST members:

- We are encouraging designers and publishers to offer discounts, free games and free stuff for members involved in playtesting, proofreading, translating their games for their efforts and experience they brought in the project (game by game).

- I'll be selling RST t-shirts at very affordable price. However, if a member of RST will help out with conventions and will wear RST t-shirt during those events (and will send me a photo), then he will get a full reimbursement for the cost of the t-shirt.

- And of course a lot of appreciation from my side!

for PASSIVE RST members:

You are very welcome to our team; even if you are here just to stay up to date with what's going on.

- As a reward, in advance, you'll know our plans and how our projects develop.

- You can buy our RTS t-shirts.

If you wish to join Raku Support Team, fill out the form below
If you are a designer or publisher and would like to join RST, Fill out the form for Designers and Publishers.