About me

I'm a family guy – my wife and kids are my passion. They are an inspiration and the reason why I'm a happy man! I love spending time with my six wonderful children who keep me busy.

Ever since I was a little chap, I’ve always created all sorts of games. I was born for it! I’m always looking for games which can involve the whole family; being exciting for children at the same time as being challenging for adults. My other hobbies are Jeet Kune Do – a martial art created by Bruce Lee. I’m interested in a healthy lifestyle and enjoy watching movies. I also love whole grain einkorn and spelt sourdough bread!

I grew up in Warsaw, Poland and for three years in Edmonton, Canada. I moved to the UK in 2013, and I currently live in the beautiful Bristol in England.

Hopefully, you will enjoy your time here, and the blog will encourage you and provide some advice to bring your project to life. Good luck!