Thursday 8 June 2017

Publishing Advice #26: Facing Haters part 2 - Open Letter to Fans

Constructive criticism, again, is a very helpful and healthy thing. All professionals always appreciate honest opinions as they're extremely useful. But now and again we have "privilege" to hear rude opinions regarding our games without any reason or explanation. Or experience cruel behaviours towards our personas.

A while ago I wrote about facing trolls and dealing with hate as a designer. And the best thing you can do is to ignore them and give your time to your fans - people who deserve it! Read Publishing Advice #10: Facing Haters.

But now I will talk how fans can help us: designers and publishers in facing haters.

Open Letter to Fans

Designers and publishers are vulnerable to hate like any other human beings. Yes - they are humans! Because they are creating games for the public, that doesn't mean they have to deal with these aggressive and destructive people, and definitely, it's not part of their job.

I know many publishers who decided to stop reading any forums, reviews because of trolling. Dealing with hate can be a nightmare. It is stressful and demotivating. I went through these unacceptable behaviours of haters, so I know what I'm writing about! Unfortunately, back then I didn't know how to deal with them.

Sadly, designers can't help themselves! When a designer gets involved in a discussion with trolls, only one thing he's doing is feeding them. They are starving and need food. They need to crush others dreams and build their sense of being someone important. But if you - fans, such a great and supportive people will stand up and defend a designer, haters will shut up. A troll can attack one person, but if ten people defend the creator, then a hater will have no chance.

So please, don't leave your favourite game designers or publishers alone and stand up against hate. Let's together send trolls back to their caves where they belong! If you see someone trolling on a forum or Facebook - tell him off! Don't stay silent!


Did you ever silence a hater? What do you think about standing up to defend someone else?

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