Wednesday 28 September 2016

Publishing Advice #13: How to Reproduce the CE Marking

I decided to write this entry because I found some publishers doing it wrong. The letters in the Conformité Européenne (CE mark) have to have the right shape, and the distance between them should be kept right. The proportions must be respected. I hope this short blog post will help other fellow designers and publishers to avoid this simple mistake.

Thursday 22 September 2016

Publishing Advice #12: Deceptive Funding Goal Levels in Kickstarter Campaigns

When you are deciding to kickstart your game faster or later, you will have to make a decision about the level of your funding goal. Everyone know that the right funding goal level will attract backers while a wrong one will push them off. Too high funding goal will make people scared that the campaign won't reach that level while too low one will look like the creator won't be able to deliver rewards to backers (risk of fraud). Setting the funding goal should be honest, moral, based on your strategy and personal circumstances.

Thursday 15 September 2016

Publishing Advice #11: The Stages of Creativity in Board Game Design

That is an exciting subject for me! One of my favourite! I think creativity itself is one of the best gifts from God! A must for a board game designer! I would like to be more and more creative. I love when my head is full of ideas, and it is a great feeling when the brain gets hot!

But before I understood the process of creativity I felt a bit lost. Without basic knowledge, I couldn't perform at my best. I couldn't stimulate my brain to operate in its best performance and to use all capabilities of my personal computer!

The right understanding helped me to be more efficient. Read below to see how I understand the process of creativity.

Thursday 8 September 2016

Publishing Advice #10: Facing Haters

Constructive criticism is vital in professional board game design, and it's important after publishing the game. Without those wonderful people, designers and publishers would be left on their own and would have no clue about a lot of things going wrong. We learn from it; we can avoid mistakes and fix them. The list of benefits from the constructive criticism is very long!

However, irrational hate is something different!