Wednesday 28 September 2016

Publishing Advice #13: How to Reproduce the CE Marking

I decided to write this entry because I found some publishers doing it wrong. The letters in the Conformité Européenne (CE mark) have to have the right shape, and the distance between them should be kept right. The proportions must be respected. I hope this short blog post will help other fellow designers and publishers to avoid this simple mistake.

The European Commission on their website explain the simple rules:

1. The CE conformity marking must consist of the initials 'CE' taking the following form:

If the CE conformity marking is reduced or enlarged the proportions given in the above graduated drawing must be respected.

2. Where the directive concerned does not impose specific dimensions, the CE marking must have a height of at least 5 mm.

3. The CE marking must be affixed to the product or to its data plate. However, where this is not possible or not warranted on account of the nature of the product, it must be affixed to the packaging, if any, and to the accompanying documents, where the directive concerned provides for such documents.

4. The CE marking must be affixed visibly, legibly and indelibly.

You can download the proper CE mark logo on the in different formats.

China Export - this is where the confusion came from

The common mistake comes from the confusion between a CE marking logo and China Export logo. These are very similar and below are shown differences. Please do not reproduce the second one!

Please remember that to mark your game with CE marking you need to meet the EU legal requirements! Soon I will publish an article about how to obtain the CE marking.

I hope this article will be useful for you guys! If you would like to add something, please leave a comment below!