Wednesday 23 November 2016

Publishing Advice #18: Why Going to Bed Early Could Change Your Life

Why I'm writing about going to bed early on a board game design and publishing blog? That might sound quite strange but trust me and read this article to the end! A good sleep will have a significant influence on any part of your life, even on board gamer's life (I know that sounds weird)! It is a must for fellow designers and publishers as creativity and productivity are vital for us!

I was wondering why I used to be always so tired and dull after sleeping 10 or 12 hours; my effectiveness was close to zero, I had negative thinking that nothing is gonna work, I was grumpy and annoying for surrounding me people (sorry family!). I knew I was doing something wrong or I am gravely ill!

Then I noticed that after few days of going to bed at 10 PM, I'm fresh. I have the great feeling I've done loads of excellent work during the day, and I believe in what I am doing. I'm open to new ideas, and I can see much more than before. It is an 180-degree change!

And I know that's nothing new - my mum told me that when I was one... ;) But I didn't listen.

The benefits of going to bed early:

1. You could be more productive and creative

2. You could make fewer mistakes and stay focused on the task

3. You could be less stressed, worried, pessimistic and depressed

4. You could be nicer to other people

5. It can help you to maintain your health. The list of health benefits can be long, and I'm sure if you are very interested you will find the right article online

6. You could get up early to see the sunrise (and do some more work)

I'd like to encourage you to try it for a week and see how it's going to work! Every day you need to be in bed before 10 PM and for better results don't use any computer or mobile devices 30 minutes before sleep. And don't eat one hour before you go to bed! So are you going to give it a try?

Please let me know in a comment if you tried it and how did it work for you!