Wednesday 27 September 2017

Meet us at Bristol Anime and Gaming Con

Personally, I'm a big fan of conventions. It's always a hectic time but very satisfying and fruitful. I love to meet new people and know their opinion about things I do. It's an opportunity to know better your fans, other designers, publishers, distributors and shop owners. It's not a place to make money but build new relationships and get new connections. But in the first place, I'm there to have fun!

Another crucial thing about taking part in conventions is the fact that many positive and uplifting conversations during these events are recharging my batteries.

On 7-8 October I'm going to take part in Bristol Anime and Gaming Con. I'll be playtesting my new design Krill (you can read a little about it on my Krill diary series). My fellow designer Richard Buxton will be presenting his amazing game Master of Olympus and definitely visit his blog!

Would you like to stop at our place and say hi? It would be great to have you there!

See you soon :)