Monday 30 May 2016

Publishing Advice #3: How to Use BoardGameGeek is a most important and influential board game community in the world! And the least user-friendly at the same time! In 2008 I was starting with BGG, and I thought I would give up. I was on the edge of throwing my computer through my window... heh

When I published Dragon's Ordeal, I couldn't find a way to add my game to BGG; however, there was a very nice guy who done it instead of me. That was very kind!

But you're not gonna wait till someone will add you and your game (or not) to the most important board game site on the internet, do you? You have to learn to manage your account, and become a part of the community as well!

There are quite a few topics on BGG where people are not sure how to leave a post on the forum. There are few difficult and annoying things which you need to learn:

- adding games

- adding designers

- adding photos and descriptions

- avoiding errors and mistakes

- avoid getting your account deleted

- and more

Here is a great tutorial how to get through BoardGameGeek by John Wrot! - Gate Keeper Games. Cheers John!

Do you know any other good BGG tutorials?