Wednesday 25 May 2016

Publishing Advice #1: Self-reflection on Publishing Board Games

Years ago I managed to create a board game, and I have published it in Poland! It was a big step in my life with big expectations. It looked like I got an amazing idea how to start my adult life and become a successful person. And unfortunately, it hasn't been exactly how I had planned it. Here I pointed some mistakes I have made which may be useful for you:

1. Seek for advice
Listen to others, more experienced people. I don't mean to listen to everyone - I mean, listen to experienced chaps!

2. Kill your pride
There will always be a better way to do things! Don't stop at the point “I know everything” or “I don't need anyone”, that's not true. Be always open for a criticism and try to learn from it!

3. Become Open Minded
Be ready to experience new things and ways of doing things. Of course new doesn't always mean better!

4. Don't blame others
If something goes wrong don't blame others, look at the big picture, and you'll realise that what happened is because of your mistakes. And learn from them.