Wednesday 27 July 2016

Publishing Advice #6: Regularity in Running a Blog

Today I 'm writing about regularity as described in the title! It might sound odd because it is about one month since I published my last article. When I launched this blog, my goal was to publish one post per week. Of course I can find many excuses why I failed to stick to my plan: I created a new website layout, some other stuff; however, those are only excuses. I know this is the area where I need to improve.

It's good to understand that all newspapers, television programs, serious bloggers, etc. stick to their schedule because it is the key thing to gain a loyal audience! They know that being consistent works! Works for everything!

The importance of regularity?

- Readers get used to your regularity
- Keep your readers coming back
- Attracts new readers
- Builds your credibility
- Your writing skill and writing ease will improve as time goes

The importance of a schedule

Set up a blogging schedule! Decide when you want to publish posts and do it. Choose a day or days and time when you are going to post your articles!

Plan A and Plan B, and C...

You need a primary plan and emergency plans as well. The best practice, in my opinion, is to have ready few articles ahead. If something goes wrong, you have some delays, or you are going for a holiday - you will be secure.

What are your thoughts and experience on the subject?