Wednesday 3 August 2016

Publishing Advice #7: The Best Time to Publish Blog Entries

Running a blog is an excellent way to stay in touch with people who share your passion, to engage your customers and fans. It's particularly important to the board game authors/publishers! I learned all that from Jamey (Stonemaier Games), and I am following his great advice. I enjoy running a blog, writing. It's all amazing and interesting.

When you make a decision of starting a blog, one of the first questions is: when and what time I am going to publish my entries?

I would suggest starting with a different question: why?

But WHY you want to choose the best time?

I don't like the idea that a reader is just another number. Idea “more readers = more money” is so selfish! I hate that kind of thinking!

It's all about making life easier! Helping other people with same passions to connect, talk and share with you!

When I organise a BBQ, from time to time, someone will have no transport. I always offer that person a lift. I will give him a hand because I like spending time with my friend! I like that person! I am not making the biggest party in the town, and he is not another number to help me achieve my goal! He is a friend of mine, and I will do a lot to see him!

Running a blog = organising a BBQ

Your blog is a meetup place, like a BBQ. You start knowing your readers, and they start knowing you. You are spending time together, having fun! I believe that it's vital to help people to read your blog and interact with you. Publishing blog posts in the best time for your readers is your effort to help those people, maybe strangers yet, maybe friends soon. Your readers will have more time to explore your blog, read your blog posts and even leave a comment when it's a good time for them! It's up to you to set up the best date for your BBQ so the majority of your friends can join you!

Some research

Garrett Moon on CoSchedule Blog wrote an excellent article When Is The Best Time To Publish Blog Post. I strongly recommend you to read his entry. I can't add anything to it because I feel it's a complete article!

But don't forget, all that depends on your reader's preferences! There are some studies made showing the best times; however, it is general research and might not match your readers!

How can you determine when the best times for your blog are?

1. Experiment!
For a while publish your blog entries in different days and times and examine how that influence the popularity of your blog posts. After a while, you will be able to fix the best days and times!

2. Ask your readers!
The easiest and the most valuable! You can send a survey to your readers or add it to your blog!

I'm curious about your experience! How would you determine the best times for a blog?