Thursday 25 August 2016

Publishing Advice #9: Connect with Other Designers

I believe that all experienced game creators know other authors. They stay in touch with them and help each other. If you are new to the board game design, or you moved to another place, it is time for you to get in touch with others in your area!

Maybe you are asking WHY?

Because, there is nothing better in our hobby than a very bitter, honest, genuine and constructive criticism! They are designers so they understand the importance of good feedback. Years ago I used to feel devastated with such honest opinions, but now I love it! All the criticism I get, every feedback from the players I hear makes me happier! I'm aware that all of that will turn my design into a better game!

Why not friends or family?

I know from my own and others experience that friends or family have no clue what makes a game good, I mean REALLY GOOD! Most of them will say that the game is awesome only because they like you and enjoy spending time with you. Probably they had a great time with you! That's true - you can have a great time playing rubbish games. It happens to everyone when playing with right people! If you want to create a great game, don't rely on your friends and family!

Where to get in touch with other designers face to face?

Best are regular meet-ups. Once per week or month will do. Look for the board game groups, cafés in your area. Conventions are ok as well; however, I wouldn't count on them as a primary source of feedback.

Chance & Counters - Board Game Café in Bristol is a great example!
Last week I had the privilege to take a part in the first meeting gathering together designers from Bristol area held by this board game Café. I met there a few designers and players! I had a chance to play few prototypes and have had my prototype tested!

I think we should share our knowledge about places like this one! If you know a good place where designers are meeting, please leave a comment! Thanks.